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preston rawlings
pro experience
  • Mr. Rawlings brings over 20 years of developing, training and conditioning top level athletes in all realms of sports. He is also established as one of the leading Athletic Conditioners as well as Jiujitsu masters in Southern California. Preston is also the Founder of YAAC (Youth Athletic Assessment Combine), a nationwide all sport - all athlete Combine as well as a partner of Conquest Fitness, a premier fitness center.

    As a top Athletic Conditioner he is certified in Aerobic Exercise, Conditioning All-Sport, Brazilian Jiujitsu (GI and No GI), Junior – Brazilian Jiujitsu, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Defensive Tactics, and Grappling. His focus is on the development and training of athletes both physical and mental. His expertise is expansive from training Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball, Track, Football, MMA, Law Enforcement, Military and general fitness.
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