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One Shot One Dream

Author Name:
Esad Pepic
Genre: Reality Series
Title: "One Shot One Dream"
Location: United States and Europe

Log-line: MTVís "Road Rules" meets Fuel TVís ďDrive ThruĒ as twenty-two young American soccer playerís road trip through Europe on a 15-day quest to earn a professional soccer contract and prove they have what it takes. The team will fight an uphill battle filled with soccer crazed fans, fame, good times, and high pressure situations all to be the next international soccer star. (Themes: Docu-series, fantasy fulfillment, talent performance, comedy, action and drama)

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Every year, hopefuls from across the continent tryout for a shot at stardom and a chance to be the next Soccer Star. Committed to exposing talented soccer players to the world, the producers of One Shot One Dream will be in search of players that will do anything to play professional soccer abroad.

Like every season so far, the roster will include personalities from the entitled college player, to the undiscovered, to the recent immigrant looking for their big break. Players will attend a combine in Southern California where they will be put through intense mental, technical and physical challenges. After the final roster is selected, the players will train and live together for two weeks in sunny Southern California during the summer prior to departure for Europe.

Upon arrival, the team will travel by bus through soccer-crazed Europe to play their showcase matches against some of Europeís best clubs.

In between games and training the players will taste all Europe has to offer, visiting historical sites, places of beauty, and of course all the hot spots. For many, the pressure, the attention, the girls, the good times, the hard times, and the harsh political realities of making a career out of soccer will either break their will or make them stronger.

Each step closer to the end of the trip the players could possibly see their teammates being pulled off the team for trials. To shine they must play well individually; however, to be signed they must rely on each other as a team.
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